Blackberries are a psychedelic four-piece from Western Germany. The band grew from the seeds of early Motown records, mid-60’s pop groups, mesmerizing Psychedelia and german-based Krautrock. Fusing these influences with their very own vision of musical expression, they create a unique vibrant energy which already won over audiences of bands like Miles Kane, Blues Pills, Okta Logue, Pond, Friska Viljor, Bilderbuch, Imagine Dragons or Bastille.

Now, years of hard work and intense musical experimentation have passed, in which they not only redefined their frontiers in the development of new sounds, but also locked themselves into the studio to come out with even more pulsating and hypnotizing tunes. Like a magic carpet that floats between neo-psychedelic experiences, a passion for hooks and melody and the untamed aesthetics of early Kraut, Blackberries are heading to a new landmark in the continuing journey of constant reinvention.

Botticelli Baby

Flash! Trip! Kick! Getting a blast of Botticelli Baby live means sweaty hair, sore muscles the next day and a permanent grin in your face! How do you prepare for it? Not at all! You come as you are and go wild!

In order to give the wild sound what you have to describe as a mixture of jazz, punk, blues, folk, funk, Balkan and pop, you need exactly seven different ingredients. In the form of musicians and in the form of their instruments! It’s a rush, a celebration when the band performs.
The seven types seem like solidly assembled material, indestructible and yet extremely chaotic. Each instrument brings its individual strength and pushes the entire cart with it on mission ecstasy on some alien planet!
You don’t know where exactly it is after the concert.

It’s these brilliantly forward-moving rhythms and energies that morph into a colorful medley. The sound of the voice and the radiance of Bösherz are just as rousing as sexy – Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß (Beatsteaks) and Björn Dixgård (Mando Diao) have made a baby, etc…
And then it suddenly goes bang! – and a fruity sound chaos begins, which then suddenly joins together to form an alliance and, bursting with power, is thrown into the jaws of the audience, who are also already soaked in sweat. Precise, like a well-aimed golf swing into the hole.
Sounds exaggerated? It may be, but anyone who has been through it knows what we’re talking about here! The band manages to bring a kind of healthy and long-missed dirt back into jazz music. And audiences love rubbing themselves in – from the Czech Republic to Germany to Spain! Incidentally, the seven call their sound “junk” within the band and after the name of the second album. And whether you rub it on yourself, devour it whole or throw yourself into it is up to you – it’s definitely a booster for the dancing leg that has fallen asleep!


Dux Louie

Dux Louie surfen jetzt seit über einem Jahr auf dieser elektrischen, dieser heißen Welle aus Wah und Slaps und Beats. Kein Strand ist ist in Sicht und doch, wer sie hört denkt an Piñas und Palmen und heiße Limbo-Wettkämpfe: “How low can you go!“ Find out – komm zur Show

Florence Besch

Feel the discomfort of your own comfort zone, while the insight slowly shines through the window from outside: there can be no standstill. Florence Besch carries with a radical tenderness through shimmering melodic arrangements that can lead within a song from a warm summer day in the park to the uncanny search for one’s own place in the world.

Frank Popp Ensemble

The Frank Popp Ensemble, founded by Mr. Popp himself around 2000, began as a one-man concept, unashamedly recreating the sounds of northern soul and funk from the late 60s, working in old school hip hop fashion, using vintage samples, re-structuring and combining them with beats and some minimal instrument parts. 

Kenneth Minor

They’re still out there. Musicians that make music because they cannot do anything else, because they cannot be anything else. Playful vagabonds, soundscape Argonauts, Aoide’s last apostles, forgotten filigree of bygone epochs, watchmakers in the age of quartz.

German version:

Es gibt sie noch! Musiker, die Musik machen, weil sie nicht anders können – weil sie nichts Anderes können. Spielende Vagabunden, Klangweltargonauten, Aoides letzte Eleven, vergessenes Filigran vergangener Epoche, Uhrmacher im Quarzzeitalter.

Love Machine

Nicely done!
Love Machine are back with a new release, a new cast and a fresh breeze on garage and psychedelic rock. After the five Düsseldorfer retreated to the studio in late 2018 for probably the most prolific song writing phase since band existence and a fruitful collaboration with producer Patrick Stäudle, EP Mirrors & Money was released in october 2019.

On Mirrors & Money Noel Lardon, Hendrik Siems, Richard Eisenach, Marcel Rösche and Felix Wursthorn are more versatile and daring than ever. While its predecessor Times To Come is still all about westcoast psychedelia Mirrors & Money has a much more complex and modern influence. The band’s proven herb and psychedelic rock are now joined by garage, slacker and soul. The impossible mix, Love Machine embrace themselves, without any claim to remain in a field for too long and meet the expectations there in the least. Of genre boundaries and conventions, the five would like to know nothing here.

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

An art pop noise project fronted by Berlin-based/South African born musician, Lucy Kruger.
Over the last four years the band have released and toured a trilogy of albums. The ‘tapes’ series documents a growing restlessness and an eventual release.
Their latest offering, “Heaving”, was released on the 7th of April, 2023 and is a visceral, pulsing and intimate exploration of sound and story.  

Suzan Köcher's Suprafon

Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon invite you into a world that still has time for unforgettable experiences. Let them take you on a trip to the nearest far away place.
The band’s mystical Psychedelia is infused with beautiful melodies, biting guitars and reverberated synths. Shades of Krautrock, Psych-Folk and French Pop float through their new songs that are at once enthralling and loose. Through many live shows they have developed a unique sound fueled by Suzan´s magical voice, haunting melodies, fearless experimentation and rusty musical instruments that colour their sound in all shades of withered glory.

The Mañana People

Have a good look at us!
We are Mañana, we are Hazlewoodists, we are Trafalmadorians, we are Blackstars!
Mañana is that secret something at play under the surface, growing like an invisible virus of thought. We are all being changed by it. It’s the parasitic being inside every parasitic being we call human.

The Sweet Vandals

Funk! Soul! Passion!
We know the Soul & Funk Bands which have been put together towards their own casting.
The Sweet Vandals have searched and found themeselves, this genre is their passion and it rewards in the sound – Real!
This state of „realness“ has been reached by only a few recordings in the last years, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings , Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators and of course the New Mastersounds.
The Vandals are different from these combos. They pass on Horn Sections to put exactly on the recordhow it’s realized on stage!